WLU Transferr — Nightmare

TW: rape

I transferred 4 years ago, and I am still plagued by nightmares of WLU. I still wake up in cold sweats thinking I’ll have to go back there.

Like many from lower classes, I only attended due to scholarship. During my visit I was told that Greek life wasn’t that present, that drinking culture was easy to get around, and that diversity was a priority of the school.

I felt pressured to stay, to rush, to drink. It wasn’t until I was raped at a frat party the end of my freshman year that I knew I would do anything to get out of that school.

I tried to report to the Title IX officer, but since I didn’t remember anything (I had one cup of jungle juice and several girls besides me remember nothing from that night), and I didn’t know who it was, so I had no recourse.

It wasn’t until after that I learned this particular frat was known for date rape drugs in their punch. Almost every student on campus, and many administrators, knew this. Despite this widely known secret, the frat stayed on campus because it was a “good ole boys” frat.

I’m not the first to have this experience, nor will I be the last.

My entire second year there I battled crippling depression only heightened by several more sexual assaults, coupled with threats of my safety (due to a separate issue).

Reports to the administration only caused the issues to be worse.

I know for a fact that if I would have stayed I’d be dead now. I would not have survived. Even now, every relationship I have is tainted by the abuse I faced at that school.

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