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This is an FYI for our community so they are aware of what is happening (and why many international students feel unwelcome in this country).

On July 6, 2020 the US immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) released a set of rules for international students to continue their education in the US this fall. The basic gist of it is if your school moves to online classes, your visa will be revoked and you will be forced to leave the US. You will be deported. Once the school changes to online-only classes, international students must leave the country or transfer to a different school that offers in-person classes within 10 DAYS. Even if the school moves to hybrid classes, international students can take a maximum of 1 (three credit hours) online class.

It is not easy being in a foreigner in a new land, speaking a foreign language, but international students have chosen this difficult path with a hope for a better future. International students may not be citizens of the US but they ARE students of the university and are as much of a part of the school community as other students. They deserve the same rights as domestic students. How is it fair that their right to choose what is best for them is being taken away? How is it fair to put international students through this unnecessary stress?

The rule is absurd and cruel as of itself, but it is specially callous given we are in the middle of a pandemic. Many international students won’t be able to go home because of travel restrictions in their countries. And the students who are in countries where the US currently has travel bans will have their visas terminated (google 5-month rule) if they can’t attend in-person classes. 

Not to mention, it is unsafe to travel during this time, and for some, home may not be a safe place right now. Moreover, it is INHUMANE to be interfering with people’s education and lives like this.

If you care about the international students that are part of the w&l community, and thousands of others that are all over the US, please read more about what is happening, be appalled by the callous decision made by the government, and sign the petitions going around. We literally cannot fight this ourselves.

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