WLU ’19 — Math Professor

I also had to take a class with the previously mentioned horrifyingly sexist Mathematics professor. It was Discrete Mathematics, a class that every Computer Science major has to take before graduating, and one that’s very frequently only taught by this professor. I guess they don’t care because most CS majors are men, so it doesn’t matter if the few women feel unsafe, right?

He used to wear unique ties every day to class, making us memorize them for extra credit. For the final he wore one with two “hula girls” on it. He made a very specific point about how they USED to be topless and you USED to be able to see their nipples but his horrible wife made him cover them up. He then proceeded to make the men in the class vote on which woman in the class to name his naked hula ladies after. It was so incredibly demeaning and vile.

My friend got a lower grade on her first exam, nothing she couldn’t recover from, but she wanted to do better and went into his office hours. He told her – to her face – that she clearly wasn’t good at math, she shouldn’t try, and he couldn’t help her. A male friend got the same grade, went to his office hours, and got a full and productive hour of help. 

He also mentioned how much he hated that the school allows women now, because he wants to make sexual comments about women’s bodies but the “overly sensitive” female students would get upset.

Most egregiously of all – and the reason why I never reported him (though I’m ashamed for it all the same) – was that on the very first day of class he sized all of the women up, looked us each in the eye, and told us a “funny story” about how some “crazy” student tried to file a Title IX report against him. He found out about it while she was still in his class, and he told us – laughing- that he directly confronted her and got her to admit that he wasn’t actually sexist (because I’m sure she has no reason at all to be afraid) and retract the report. It was a warning to us. If we tried to report him, he would find out, and he would intimidate us into silence.

I had panic attacks almost daily because of his behavior. I feel sick thinking about him to this day.

WLU ’21 — Unsupported

I had the same English Professor that has come up previously in 2019, and I agree with everything that has been said. I hadn’t heard anything bad about the Professor and personally asked for a space in the course. Boy, was that a mistake. 

This Professor’s “lectures” were filled with sexist and racist claims, virtually unsupported by the text we were meant to be referencing. Whenever students brought up disagreement, it was dismissed, silencing anyone outspoken. 

Some specifics: He claimed that there is no such thing as oppression and that someone cannot be a victim of oppression; that Native Americans were inherently violent and brought about their own destruction by white settlers because of their violence; and pioneer women could not have been oppressed because they did not write about oppression.

I had a requested a one-on-one meeting for an essay, and I have never been so uncomfortable with a teacher in my life; he told me I was quiet and made other veiled sexist remarks. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, I fear. I left every day feeling upset and often horrified. 

There’s a difference between learning from a professor you disagree with (which I have enjoyed in my time in college) and attempting to make it through this garbage. I was able to drop the class and switch into another in the department, but this course is still on my transcript. 

Luckily the English course I moved into was taught by an incredibly welcoming Professor, I just wish I didn’t have to experience this first.